How the "Born This Way" Cast Continues to #BEBOLD and Spread Down Syndrome Awareness

Since its 2015 premiere, A&E network's "Born This Way" has opened up the conversation about living with Down syndrome, and being parents to children who have it.

The documentary series chronicles the lives of several young adults with Down syndrome while pulling at every heart string.

Most recently, the series launched a short clip for Down Syndrome Day on March 21, titled "Shining a Light on World Down Syndrome Day" where Megan Bomgaars from the cast speaks to little children with Down syndrome.

"When you are little," she begins, "It is important you hear this, over and over again. You are worthy of greatness. Never let anyone tell you differently."

She continues, "Be bold. Be loud. Your life is already wonderful and you are still so little. Imagine what you’ll do when you get big just like me."

Bomgaars, along with her cast members, prove that people with Down syndrome should not be limited by others and are capable of anything.

The show was approved for a third season, but the premiere release date has yet to be announced.

"In a typical world, be different. You can go anywhere, you can do anything. Imagine what you will do when you are big, just like us," the video concludes.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Born This Way on A&E