This Place Holds the Most Startups Founded by Women

This Place Holds the Most Startups Founded by Women


Jun 1, 2015

Sure, Brooklyn has acquired a reputation for having its share of hipsters, craft brews, and brownstones. But according to a recent finding by CrunchBase, it's also the number one place for female entrepreneurs. 

Around 28 percent of Brooklyn-based startups that received funding from 2009 to 2014 had at least one woman at the helm. As a whole, 21 percent of startups in New York City are run by women. Tech hubs like Boulder, Co.; San Francisco; and Palo Alto didn't trail too far behind either.

The borough is home to a diverse variety of startups, such as Etsy and Kickstarter. Economics and accessibility are among the factors that attract entrepreneurs to Brooklyn, reports Fortune. Real estate rates are lower compared to Manhattan and other nearyby locations. DUMBO, Downtown, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard complete the Brooklyn Tech Triangle and are areas easily accessible by most major subway lines. 

And of course, Brooklyn's quintessential "cool factor" doesn't hurt its overall appeal.

"It started with the lower rent, then became a lifestyle choice, and now it is a vibrant community," says Charles Torres, a partner at Lowenstein Sandler, "When you can tap into the collective knowledge, the community is the attractor, not the price."

Gauri Nanda is a co-founder of Toymail, a Carroll Gardens company, and also weighs in on the perks of being an entrepreneur in Brooklyn: "there aren't institutions or giant corporations that dominate," she says. "The Culture is really in its nascent stages, so there is an opportunity be a part of that, and the tech community is small and very supportive, and doesn't feel competitive."

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