Watch Girls Who Code Teach Buzzfeed's Try Guys About Coding

If you've ever browsed around Buzzfeed long enough, then you might be familiar with the Try Guys.

Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach have embarked on many adventures, like discovering what childbirth feels like and surviving alone in the wilderness — all for the sake of educating themselves and the viewers, of course.

This time, they take on coding by enlisting some help from Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to giving teenage girls the skills and resources to pursue science, technology, engineering and math opportunities. According to Girls Who Code, 74 percent of girls in middle school express interest in STEM, but when choosing a college major, only 0.4 percent of girls decide on computer science.

Throughout the video, the guys hang out and learn from a group of very enthusiastic and knowledgeable young girls. The guys learn basic skills and get a taste of what they're capable of along with learning how they first got interested in STEM. You also need to check out how Girls Who Code responded to a very strange request from one of the Try Guys.

Watch Buzzfeed's Try Guys learn how to code with help from Girls Who Code in the video below:

Also, be sure to get to know Girls Who Code founder, Reshma Saujani, in the video above.

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Photo Credit: Buzzfeed / YouTube