Cara Delevingne Shows Us What You Should and Shouldn't Do In an Interview

By Erica Murphy

During a segment on "Good Morning Sacramento," Cara Delevingne sat down with news anchors to talk about her new movie "Paper Towns," or so we thought. In the roughly two minutes that the interview took place, Delevingne managed to throw in some of her signature sarcasm, but the anchors just didn’t get it and made the interview incredibly awkward. They commented on her lack of excitement, asked her how she focuses with such a busy schedule, and ended the interview by telling her to "go take a nap and drink a Red Bull." 

It was pretty clear that both sides were annoyed: the anchors for not getting the peppy interview they were hoping for (which has never been Delevingne in any interview) and Delevingne for basically getting attacked for her personality on live television.

But the cringe-worthy moments can teach us a few things about job interviewing, no matter what side you're on:

1. DO keep your cool
The interview started off with an anchor asking, "Did you read the book?" It seems like a silly question, considering Delevingne is the lead in the movie that's modeled after the book, but no matter, because Delevingne comes up with a thoughtful answer anyway (after she threw in some wit first of course).

In any interview, you're going to get asked some crazy questions, but you have to keep a straight face no matter what. If they ask you how many Oreos could fit inside the state of Rhode Island, don't yell, "How am I supposed to know that?" But think for a second instead, because there's a reason that question is being asked, and it probably has nothing to do with the answer. Get more tips on answering tough interview questions.

2. DON'T attack the person you're interviewing or who's interviewing you
Everyone has tough days and sometimes it's hard to push that aside (like being exhausted from a movie premiere), even during an interview. Maybe you're not getting the responses you’re hoping for, or maybe the hiring manager seems completely uninterested. But do your best to stay positive and ask/answer to the best of your ability. Certainly don’t say, "Wow, you're in a mood."

3. DO see the humor
Delevingne's humor is probably one of the best things about her personality, and even when she was getting upset, she still made jokes. Maybe you're involved in the worst interview ever, but that just means you'll be able to look back on it and laugh. We can certainly say that Delevingne isn't going to be set back one bit from this botched interview, and neither will you. This might be a good time to learn about how to follow up after a job interview…

4. DON'T underestimate your interviewer
Just as much as you need to keep you cool when you're on the wrong side of the interview, you also need to understand that people can tell when something's off. Maybe you're trying your best to stay positive and answer questions thoughtfully, but the hiring manager can probably tell that you're not on your A game. It might be a good idea to postpone if you know you're not in the best mood, or work it into an answer. Maybe you've been asked, "What's your biggest weakness?" You could say something like, "I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Everyone knows when I’m feeling great or woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Then maybe you two will have a chuckle… Solve some more interview problems now.

Watch Cara's full interview below:

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