Celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli Shares Three Major Career Truths

Alex Guarnaschelli, one of The Food Network's biggest stars and the executive chef at NYC's popular restaurant Butter is sharing all sorts of gems about her career path, finding and developing your passions, and more.

Guarnaschelli's interview had so many stand-out moments that it's almost impossible to pick and choose favorites, but here are three truths we just feel like you can't go on without knowing:

1. It's OK to start small
Guarnaschelli's first job out of college involved baking poppyseed muffins and mopping floors — and now she's a mega on-screen success. It's a reminder to us all that it's OK to embrace the baby steps, and appreciate where your journey takes you.

2. Passion is ongoing
Guarnaschelli made us re-think passion not just as a feeling, but as a process. As she said: "Passion only comes after you become good at something. That's the only way to actually say I'm passionate."

3. "Calm down, slow down, chill out"
Juggling life and career is a lot to handle, but as Guarnaschelli said when asked about the advice she would give to her 25-year-old self, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and "calm down, slow down, chill out."

"You're not going to be perfect at everything," she added, so enjoy life and have some fun.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Levo