How Carly Fiorina Dominated the Second GOP Debate

Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina had a breakout performance at Wednesday night's GOP debate.

Business Insider reports that according to data provided by Twitter, Fiorina had the top two debate moments and gained the most followers during the debate.

Fiorina's top moment and the most talked about part of the debate came when she confronted Trump.

CNN moderator Jake Tapper gave her the opportunity to respond to Trump's recent comments about her appearance when Trump said, "Look at that face."

Fiorina's response ultimately won her the debate.

"You know, it’s interesting to me," Fiorina began. "Mr. Trump said that he heard Mr. Bush very clearly in what Mr. Bush said. I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said."

Fiorina was also applauded for her response to the question, "Which woman should be on the ten dollar bill?"

Fiorina answered: "I wouldn't change the ten dollar bill or the 20 dollar bill. I think honestly it's a gesture. I don't think it helps to change our history. What I would think is that we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group. Women are the majority of this nation; we are half the potential of this nation. And this nation will be better off when every women has the opportunity to live the life she chooses."

"Fiorina mixed sharply worded conservative policy proposals with a few well-placed one-liners in a debate performance that was strongly received by Republican pundits and voters," according to Business Insider.

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