Carrie Brownstein Will Finish Nora Ephron's Last Project

Carrie Brownstein is set to explore a world far, far away from Portlandia, at least as far as her writing is concerned. The co-creator, co-writer, and co-star of IFC’s satirical TV series has been hired to finish the script for Nora Ephron’s Lost in Austen, an adaptation of the UK miniseries of the same name. “Carrie is smart and funny and original, and the project is very lucky to have her,” producer Sam Mendes told The Hollywood Reporter. This will be Carrie's first time writing a feature film.

The story Carrie will finish follows Amanda, a modern-day Brooklyn woman who finds herself transported into the fictional world of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The trailer for the British series might give you a sense of the plot, but since the writing will be a combination of Nora’s frank wit and Carrie’s contemporary humor, it’s hard to predict exactly how amazing this movie will be. We're sure Carrie will create something funny and new.

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