Celebrate the Holidays With MAKERS Family Moments

Vivian Stringer grew up in a coal mining community. When her parents were struggling and couldn’t afford coal to keep them warm, the family would walk to the slate dump and pick coal, carrying it home so they could put it in the furnace. “it didn’t seem like a burden,” she told MAKERS. “I was so proud, because I was helping to keep our family going.” 

Stringer has gone on to create family among basketball teams, coaching women to championship games. 

Every MAKERS woman has been influenced by her upbringing, whether she looks up to an outspoken mother, like CEO Susan Wojcicki, or revels in family latke-making, like Ellie Krieger

During this holiday season, MAKERS celebrates the people who inspire and encourage us, whether they teach us teamwork or cultivate our creativity. What traditions will you start this year? How will you appreciate the people closest to you?

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