13 Celebrities On Hollywood's Gender Pay Gap

By Vogue

Nov 17, 2015

13 Celebrities On Hollywood's Gender Pay Gap

The issue of wage inequality became a hot topic in Hollywood when Patricia Arquette delivered her rousing call for equal pay at the 2015 Academy Awards. Since then, there have been small victories — Charlize Theron's successful negotiation for a salary raise for her role in the "Snow White and the Huntsman" sequel, for one — but the problem is far from resolved. For example, there's still a $28 million discrepancy between the highest-paid actress and the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

While pay inequality isn't new (nor limited to the film industry), this year powerful women in show business are speaking up on the matter — and not holding anything back. Click through the gallery above for a roundup of celebrities on Hollywood's pay gap.

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Jennifer Lawrence | "When the Sony hack happened and I found out how much less I was being paid than the lucky people with dicks, I didn’t get mad at Sony. I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don't need." —Lenny newsletter Photo Credit: Getty Images
Sandra Bullock | "It's a bigger issue than money. I know we're focused on the money part right now. That's just a by-product. I keep saying, ‘Why is it that no one is standing up and saying you can't say that about a woman?' We're mocked and judged in the media and articles. Really, how men are described in articles versus women, there’s a big difference. I always make a joke: 'Watch, we're going to walk down the red carpet, I'm going to be asked about my dress and my hair while the man standing next to me will be asked about his performance and political issues.'" Photo Credit: Getty Images
Jessica Chastain | "There's no excuse. There's no reason why [Jennifer Lawrence] should be doing a film with other actors and get paid less than her male costars. It's completely unfair. It's not right. It's been happening for years and years and years. I think it’s brave to talk about it. I think everyone should talk about it." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Kate Winslet | "I'm having such a problem with these conversations. I understand why they are coming up, but maybe it's a British thing. I don't like talking about money; it's a bit vulgar, isn't it?" Photo Credit: Getty Images
Sharon Stone | "[It] has to start with regular pay, not just for movie stars, but regular pay for the regular woman in the regular job." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Emma Watson | "O Jennifer Lawrence I love you so. X." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Rooney Mara | "I've been in films where I've found out my male costar got paid double what I got paid, and it's just a reality of the time that we live in. To me, it's frustrating, but at the same time, I'm just grateful to be getting paid at all for what I do." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Sienna Miller | "It was a play with just two of us onstage and I was offered less than half of what he was going to be paid. If it was two men, it wouldn't probably happen. Sad, but I walked away ... The only way is to make a stand. We are going to have to make sacrifices to make change. I want to turn up and feel dignified." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Gwyneth Paltrow | "It can be frustrating. It can be painful. Your salary is a way to quantify what you're worth. If men are being paid a lot more for doing the same thing, it feels shitty." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Amanda Seyfried | "A few years ago, on one of my big-budget films, I found I was being paid 10 percent of what my male costar was getting, and we were pretty even in status. I think people think because I'm easygoing and game to do things, I'll just take as little as they offer. But it's not about how much you get, it's about how fair it is." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Toni Collette | "It's a fucking sexist industry. I don't understand why genitalia makes a difference. Creativity is creativity." Photo Credit: Toni Collette
Judy Greer | "I realize that some people may not sympathize with an actress who gets to be in movies and on TV for a living. But if you take away names and vocations, the fact is that in 2015 a man is still getting paid more money to do the same job a woman does, in Hollywood and everywhere else. And no matter where you live or what you do, that’s bullshit." Photo Credit: Getty Images
Bradley Cooper | "There's a double standard in the whole world, yeah, for sure. This is just one aspect. Anytime there's a place where a voice can come out and be outspoken — something Sienna did, or Jennifer — that's great ... I think it is making a difference." Photo Credit: Getty Images

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