23 Celebrities Who Used to Be Girl Scouts

By Madison Feller

Consider this: There are young girls out there who’ve not only designed a battery-powered page-turner, meant to help people who are paralyzed or suffer from movement-related diseases, but who also wear awesome vests and know how to spot an amazing cookie.

Those girls are Girl Scouts (specifically, these Girl Scouts), and we know so many of you also possess all the courage, confidence, and character that Girl Scouts show. But which celebrities also donned those green vests and volunteered in their community? We’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite celebs who were Girl Scouts in their younger days.

1. Venus Williams
I'd have to bet this tennis pro (and recent college grad!) received a lot of sports badges in her time.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow
Do you think this is where the singer, actress, and Goop founder learned some of her business skills?

3. Taylor Swift
So jealous of whatever troop had this Grammy-winning artist singing around the campfire.

4. Dakota Fanning
Dakota didn’t just spend her childhood acting in movies like War of the Worlds and  Uptown Girls, she also dedicated time to her Girl Scouts group.

5. Queen Elizabeth II
Now technically Queen Elizabeth II was a Girl Guide (the British version of Girl Scouts), but we still count her as one of us.

6. Hillary Clinton
It probably won’t come up in any of the future debates, but this former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate once was a Girl Scout, too.

7. Martha Stewart
Is it too late to ask for a Martha Stewart Girl Scouts cookie line?

8. Lisa Ling
What did this journalist and CNN Host have to say about her time as a Girl Scout?“The Girl Scouts is where I became acquainted with the idea that a woman can do anything.”

9. Michelle Obama
Not only is Michelle Obama the First Lady, she’s also the honorary president of Girl Scouts, USA!

10. Shirley Temple Black
Who wouldn't want to do community service alongside this curly-haired actress and U.S. Ambassador?

11. Nancy Reagan
I wonder if this former Girl Scout ever thought she’d be the First Lady of the United States?

12. Dionne Warwick
Singer, actress, United Nations Global Ambassador, United States Ambassador, and former Girl Scout? Just a casual list of accomplishments.

13. Katie Couric
Anyone else think this journalist, author, and former Girl Scout would make an excellent Troop Leader?

14. Lucille Ball
If there were a badge for being absolutely hilarious, Lucille Ball would have been a shoo-in.

15. Madeleine Albright
Just another United States Secretary of State who also used to be a Girl Scout. No big deal or anything.

16. Barbara Walters
I wonder if Barbara Walters practiced her interviewing skills with the other girls in her troop…

17. Grace Kelly
Actresses and princesses can be Girl Scouts, too!

18. Gloria Steinem
This journalist and social activist was surrounded by #GirlPower from the very beginning.

19. Chelsea Clinton
The Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation — and former Girl Scout — has always had a knack for giving back to her community. 

20. Laura Bush
The former First Lady said, "Girl Scouts has the perfect approach to reaching girls worldwide. The world is a better place because of Girl Scouts."

21. Elizabeth Dole
It's no surprise that the former president of the American Red Cross used to spend her time Girl Scouting it up.

22. Condoleezza Rice
I wonder how much of her Girl Scout leadership training played into her role as the 66th United States Secretary of State?

23. Marlo Thomas
Marlo Thomas is an actress and advocate for all women — Girl Scouts included!

Get to know Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez in her MAKERS story above.

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