Celebrities Can't Stop Taking Selfies With Hillary Clinton

By Patricia Garcia

If anyone can turn an A-lister into a star-struck fan, it's Hillary Clinton. At a fundraiser in Los Angeles last night, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West posed with the Democratic presidential candidate in the selfie seen around the world. They’re the latest stars to score a quick photo-op with Clinton, who always seems happy to oblige. Just last month, when asked what she thought about our growing obsession with selfies — especially on the campaign trail — the candidate said she’s actually "had some really meaningful interactions in and amongst all the selfies." With a selfie stance like that, there’s no doubt she has Kimye's vote.

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Photo Credit: Robert Decelis Ltd via Getty Images


Hillary Clinton with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Hillary Clinton with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.

Hillary Clinton with Olivia Wilde and others.

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton with Jimmy Kimmel and others.

Hillary Clinton with Katy Perry.

Hillary Clinton with Meryl Streep.

Hillary Clinton with Zach Braff.