Check Out How This Clever Bookstore Is Showcasing Female Authors

Tucked away in Cleveland, lies Loganberry Books, a bookstore that celebrated Women's History Month by turning all male-authored books in the fiction room backward.

"Pictures are loud communicators," Harriet Logan, the bookstore's founder and owner, told Heat Street. "So we are in essence not just highlighting the disparity but bringing more focus to the women’s books now, because they're the only ones legible on the shelf."

Sorting through nearly 10,000 books, eight employees from the all-female employed store spent two hours reorganizing the fiction room.

Logan described the act as "a metaphor of silencing the male voice — at least for this month," according to an interview with Cleveland Scene.

A sign in the fiction room reads: "Illustrating the fiction gender gap on view through 3/14. We've silenced male authors, leaving works of women in view."

Logan said the move has been getting a lot of praise as she gives "the floor and attention to women."

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Loganberry Books