Chelsea Clinton Dishes About What Her Mother Would Do for Women If Elected

After sitting down with "HelloGiggles," Chelsea Clinton opened up about what her mother plans to do — both immediately and eventually — in order to help tackle women's issues.

With three proposals on the immediate agenda and three on her future wish list, Hillary Clinton has quite the agenda and her daughter is all about it.

"Every issue... even those that aren’t always framed as women’s issues, are women’s issues, because we’re affected by them," Chelsea stated before going on to speak of her much more specific plan that is framed for women.

Here are the lists of Hillary's short-term and long-term goals as discussed by her daughter:

Immediate Objectives:
1. Give more people access to education
"Women are the majority of the people going to college in our country, and increasingly in different graduate schools they’re the majority of people going to graduate school around our country."
2. Protect the Affordable Care Act
"Before the Affordable Care Act it was legal for insurance companies to charge women more than men—which is outrageous! But it was legal."
3. Equal pay for equal work
"While the focus of equal pay for equal work is understandably on women, it’s also really important that we close the legal discrimination that still exists for Americans with disabilities."

Future Objectives:
1. Guaranteed paid medical and family leave
"Paid family and medical is really important, and although it’s often framed through pregnancy, having children is not the only thing that happens in our lives or in our family’s lives."
2. Early childhood education investments
"All the research around how crucial those early years are to later health and productivity and happiness—hopefully that’s something we all want for our country and society."
3. Attack climate change
"If we don’t stop the warming of our planet, everything else goes out the window. Although this isn’t thought of historically as a women’s issue, by definition it’s going to affect all of us; all of us have a stake in doing something about it."

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