These Are the Cities Where Single Women Are Bringing Home Major Money

Want to work in a city where the wage gap is a thing of fiction? Well, that probably won't happen anytime soon but there are cities where single women out-earn men.

According to a 2014 census analysis from the Internet-based real estate company, Redfin, Washington D.C. is where it's at.

More than 4 percent of single women earn over $100,000 — compared with 0.84 percent of single men. Not too shabby.

Boston, San Francisco (the only West Coast city to make it), New York, N.Y., and Baltimore, Md., made the cut for cities where the highest percentage of females are making at least $100K a year.

"In superstar cities across the country, the number of single women making six figures outpaces the number of men," says Redfin's chief economist Nela Richardson.

"That's a great counterpoint to the disappointing reality that the U.S. is still far from having equal pay between sexes. It must be balanced by the fact that as women marry and have children their earning potential is hampered by rigid employer practices, expensive child care and lack of maternal leave. Regardless of the gender — it's still really hard to afford a home with only one income in many cities, even if it is in the six figures!"

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Photo Credit: Getty Images