This Consensual Version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" Is Absolutely Perfect

'Tis the season for holiday music. And in addition to the mix of both new and classic songs, there are new renditions of old tunes making waves on the radio and beyond.

One of them is a "less sexually aggressive" version of "Baby It's Cold Outside," performed by Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski, that was recently released on SoundCloud.

Now titled "It's Cold Outside," the artists changed the lyrics to better reflect sentiments on consent in today's society. The original lyrics featured the male vocalist begging the female singer to stay, as seen here:

"I really can't stay (but baby, it's cold outside)
I've got to go away (but baby, it's cold outside)
This evening has been (been hoping that you'd drop in)
So very nice (I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice)"

See below for the updated rendition:

"I really can't stay (baby I'm fine with that)
I've got to go away (baby I'm cool with that)
This evening has (hoping you get home safe)
So very nice (I'm glad you had a real good time)."

Listen to the full thing below to hear just how flawlessly the lyrics have been (finally) changed:

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