Considering Freezing Your Eggs? This Clinic Can Help for Less Than Half the Price

Recently opened in the heart of New York, Extend Fertility is the very first clinic in the United States dedicated "exclusively to women choosing to proactively freeze their eggs," a process that has become increasingly common among women who are waiting "longer to get married and have children."

While most fertility clinics are outrageously expensive, with costs up to $15,000 for the procedure alone, Extend Fertility offers less expensive options, encouraging women to pay for the procedure while they're young and most fertile.

Aside from the nonnegotiable medication costs, "Extend offers the process itself at [less than] half the price ($4,990)," Fortune states, adding that "making the procedure less expensive helps minimize one of the issues that has traditionally plagued egg freezers."

In other words, the issue of younger, more fertile women being unable to afford the procedure is hopefully no longer the reason stopping them from salvaging their ova.

But why are the prices so much lower? Because the clinic has less equipment to buy since it only does cryopreservation. And, with lower equipment costs for the clinic, your bill will be much lower as well.

"Every woman has her own dreams and aspirations. And for many, setting aside the worry about fertility can help them focus on achieving their goals."

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