Canada Isn't the Only Country Putting More Women in Government

Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being praised for appointing women to 50 percent of his Cabinet positions in a historic first for the country.

But Canada isn't the first country to appoint more women to government positions.

Check out the other countries, listed below, that have more than 50 percent of women in government:

According to TIME, Sweden's ministry is 52 percent female and their parliament is 43 percent women. TIME reports that their public benefits assume a dual-income family where both men and women are working and contributing at home.

Finland's ministry is 62 percent female. According to TIME, Finland was one of the first countries in the world where women have the unrestricted right to vote and run for parliament.

According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the parliament in Rwanda is 64 percent female. But the reason the parliament is mostly female has to do with the genocide that occurred Rwanda in 1994. Many men in the country were killed during the genocide, bringing the country's population to 70 percent female. Thus women quickly filled the parliament positions that were once taken by men.

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Photo Credit: Blend Images - Dave and Les Jacobs via Getty Images