5 Questions We Hope Dana Bash Will Ask During the GOP Debate

Judging from what we saw from Donald Trump's last debate, anything could happen.

What sort of remarks will he make this time? He will be debating against fellow presidential candidate Carly Fiorina as CNN's chief political correspondent Dana Bash moderates. Below are questions and topics we hope will be raised during the GOP debate: 

1. What other LGBTQ issues and rights will you focus on? 
Although The Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality in June 2015, there are still a number of issues that the LGBTQ community still has to overcome. Violence, discrimination, poverty, contraception, and abortion are just a few issues, among many other struggles. 

2. What are your thoughts on government spending towards women’s health? 
This summer, funding for Planned Parenthood was a trending topic, especially since most Republicans were in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood. While the Senate voted down on the bill, there's no question that this will resurface as a hot button issue again. 

3. Are you in favor of maternity leave? 
While more than one hundred major countries offer maternity leave to new families, the United States is still among the three that does not offer paid leave expecting mothers. Working parents, especially working mothers, shouldn't still have to jump through hoops to provide quality child care.

4. How will you further prevent sexual assaults across college campuses in the U.S? 
In 2014, The White House introduced the anti-sexual assault campaign called "It's On Us." Since then, the organization has 90 organizational partners and celebrity endorsed public service announcements. With several nationwide controversies over the years, the government must continue to help prevent future sexual attacks. 

5. Is there anything you'll do to bridge the wage gap between men and women? 
In 2013, it was shown that among full-time workers women were paid 78 percent of what men were paid. From leadership roles to minimum wage jobs, women still face a pay gap in every occupation. It also grows with age and hurts minority women the most. 

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