Danica Patrick Talks Ambition at All-Girls Private School

On Thursday, Danica Patrick visited Foxcroft school, an all-girls private school in Middleburg, Va.

According to the Washington Post, the school is hoping to get more students interested in STEM fields.

Patrick dropped out of high school at 16 to pursue her racing career. While at first she may not seem like the best candidate to speak to young students, educators at the school believe that her experience in a male dominated sports field would shed important light on gender equality.

"Who am I, and what do I stand for? It would always come back to, 'I don't feel like I'm different,' and I think that's part of what helped me get to where I am today," Patrick said.

"I didn't think about being a girl, to be honest ... otherwise, subconsciously, you might be judging yourself. I've always believed and wanted and trained to be the best at what I’m doing, to be the best driver, not the best girl."

While speaking to the students, Patrick explained how the engineers on her team are an essential asset to her success on the track. 

Maria Evans, head of the science department at Foxcroft, noted that building confidence is important for encouraging young women to pursue STEM careers. 

Watch Patrick explain in more detail the importance of ambition in the video above.

You can learn more about her racing career, personal story, and more in her entire MAKERS story.

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Photo Credit: John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images