David Schwimmer and Sigal Avin Create Powerful PSAs Using Real Stories to Show "That's Harassment"

After Sigal Alvin asked friend David Schwimmer to give feedback on her Israeli video series, they came up with an idea.

They thought the series on sexual harassment would also resonate well with the U.S. audience, a country in which "an estimated 1 in 3 American women have experienced sexual harassment at work."

"It feels like women and their advocates are fighting for basic human and civil rights," Schwimmer told "The View" in reference to today's political climate and the ongoing mistreatment of women.

So, they took to creating a project for the states, one addressing the "gray area" of sexual harassment, noting that harassment can take many, often subtle forms.

Watch the six-part series, followed by the PSA in the video player below:

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Photo Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images