This Delivery Company in India Is Hiring Only Female Drivers

This Delivery Company in India Is Hiring Only Female Drivers


Dec 1, 2016

After hearing of a woman being raped on a moving bus in Delhi, India, Yogesh Kumar "quit his job with a German engineering firm and enrolled in a graduate program in social entrepreneurship at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, in Mumbai."

On a mission to create public spaces where women would feel safe and welcome, Kumar thought of an idea, which came to be known as Even Cargo.

Even Cargo, India's first-ever delivery service that hires only women, had one purpose: give women opportunities in male-dominated fields.

"Gender is at the core of our operations," Kumar told The New Yorker. And with all-female employees, he means it.

"This feeling of insecurity or putting yourself in danger has to go away," Kumar continued, adding, "We're taking all the precautions we can, of course, but we want to change the mind-set of how people see women in public spaces. We can't always think of women as a species in danger... That is maintaining the status quo, and we need to change that thinking."

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Even Cargo

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