How Demi Lovato Hopes to Empower Women

Demi Lovato hopes her new album, "Confident," will empower women.

Lovato, who has been open about her battle with body image issues and self-esteem, said she wasn't afraid to have an attitude on this album, according to Seventeen.

"I'm not afraid to have attitude on this album and just be able to say what I want, speak what I want — that's really what I'm most proud of on this album is kind of not caring what anyone else thinks. Just making music for me," Lovato said in an interview with Billboard magazine.

"I always try to send kind of an inspirational music to everybody but I also really want to empower women. I think that with this album, hopefully it will empower women."

The album will be released on October 16. Until then, you can listen to her newest single "Confident" from the same-titled album.

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