Diane Lane Acknowledges the Need for Female Direction in Film

Actress Diane Lane was just awarded the Sarasota Film Festival’s Award for Cinematic Excellence on Saturday for her work in "Paris Can Wait," directed by Eleanor Coppola.

In the story, actor Alec Baldwin portrays Lane's husband. He cheats on her which tempts Lane's character to explore temptation and break her marital vows. Lane suggests that having a female director changed the direction of the film, which ended with a cliffhanger.

"I've often thought about the films I've been in that were helmed by men, written by men, filtered through the editing process of the male eye and psyche and desire factor and marketability concerns…it's so interesting," Lane said in an interview with Deadline. "I'm left with the hope and wish that there will be enough to go around. Are we asking terribly much of people to be curious and interested in the female experience from the female perspective?"

She went on to discuss stereotypical character orientation and the "gray area where people abide."

"I think a lot of women are contained within the parentheses of shoulds and role-play. It’s all about entitlement and history. It’s all about upper-body strength — and exacting your will."

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Photo Credit: Reuters