Did You Know Betty Boop Once Had a More Conservative Identity?

On this day in 1930, "the world's first animated sex symbol," Betty Boop, made her debut on Max Fleischer's "Dizzy Dishes" as — believe it or not — a dog.

Two years later, Betty evolved into a human cartoon in "Any Rags." Her new human figure brought with it a lot of exposure — a female who definitely did not conform, often revealing her undergarments and curves.

But, "As a result [of 1934's National Legion of Decency production code]," WatchMojo says of her short-lived conservative transformation that, "Betty was stripped of her suggestive introduction, was given a longer dress, was made a husband-less career girl, and was given a boyfriend named Freddy."

Despite this change, Betty's popularity quickly fell after her appearance was "toned down." Eventually though, her popularity rose once more when her image returned with her original scantily-clad outfit.

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Photo Credit: Nathan Griffith via Getty Images