Disney President of Production Says There's a Competitive Advantage to Female Empowerment

Disney President of Production Says There's a Competitive Advantage to Female Empowerment


Mar 27, 2017

With "Beauty and The Beast" earning Disney $700 million dollars to date (and on track to break $1 billion), Sean Bailey, President of Production at Walt Disney Pictures, says to expect some collaborations in the Disney princess franchise.

"We were seeing Marvel and its superheroes with a very male focus and the same with 'Star Wars,'" Bailey told Deadline. "There was opportunity with the female audience, and we had a lot of big characters here that we consider to be ours. Marvel has Iron Man, Captain America and Thor; we have Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle. Pairing those characters with great live-action talent and technology, something that Walt always aspired to, with technology that has moved so far forward, just seemed a smart way to go."

That's right. Bailey plans to tap into a "female empowerment fare," he told Deadline.

The reinforcement that female empowerment sells is clear from the revenue generated by "Beauty and the Beast" and "Maleficent," which grossed over $710 worldwide.

"The way we used to look at each potential film was, could it be Disney? Now, the question becomes, should it be Disney?"

Bailey suggested that female empowerment has a competitive advantage: "As eager as I am to see 'Dunkirk,' a movie like that wouldn’t be where our competitive advantage lies. 'Beauty And The Beast' and 'Maleficent,' that's a different story."

So what does Disney have in store? Set to direct the live-action remake of "Mulan" is Niki Caro, who is noted by BBC as the fifth woman ever to direct a movie budgeted over $100 million. She's known for her work in "The Zookeeper's Wife" (2017) and "Whale Rider" (2002).

"Mulan" originally grossed $304 million worldwide when it was released as an animation film in 1998, BBC reports.

"It's a big, girly martial arts epic," Caro told Moviefone. "It will be extremely muscular and thrilling and entertaining and moving."

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