Disney Has Done It Again: Princess Rapunzel Rejects Marriage Proposal, Breaking Stereotypes

Doing away with Disney stereotypes, Rapunzel just became the first Disney princess to ever reject a marriage proposal in the new TV movie, "Tangled: Before Ever After."

When bachelor Eugene Fitzherbert gets down on one knee and professes his love saying, "I see us raising our children here, and our children's children, and celebrating banquets of our own in this very hall for many, many, many, many, many years to come," Rapunzel’s eyes widen with a sudden terror as she responds, "Here? In this castle? Forever?"

After turning down his initial proposal, Rapunzel walks away while being mindful of her father's advice that, "Princesses need to be protected."

While the 'happily-ever-after' Disney princess marriage formula has remained true over time, Disney has since been challenging its own stereotypes. Most recently, Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" included a gay character for the first time, and has since introduced an independent princess.

Although Rapunzel and Eugene do get married later, she initially takes time to process his proposal before falling helplessly into his arms, leading us to believe that independent women have a right to choose and make decisions on their own terms.

Thank you, Disney.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Rapunzel