This Dove Campaign Will Encourage You to Define Beauty in Your Own Terms

Since its Campaign for Real Beauty was launched in 2004, Dove has continued to aim for a world where beauty is "a source of confidence, not anxiety."

Stemming from this vision came its 2010 Movement for Self-Esteem, which led to the release of Dove's "largest global study... on women's relationship with beauty," a study that revealed a devastating statistic — just 4 percent of women around the globe actually believe they are "beautiful."

A large 72 percent of the 1,200 girls surveyed between the ages of 10 and 17 years old said "they felt tremendous pressure to feel beautiful."

With its latest campaigns, however, Dove seeks to change this mindset and encourage girls to define what "beautiful" means in their own terms with #MyBeautyMySay:

Similarly, it's 2015 campaign inspired viewers to always #ChooseBeautiful:

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Photo Credit: YouTube/Dove