How Dove Is Encouraging Women and Girls to #LoveYourCurls

When Apple released the iOS 9.1, the update included an exciting new collection of 184 emojis.

But have you ever noticed anything in particular about the emojis representing people?

Not a single emoji "person" has curly hair.

In an effort to promote Dove Quench products for women with naturally curly hair, and to inspire women to love their curls, Dove launched the #LoveYourCurls emoji keyboard.

"One in three women in the United States have curly or wavy hair, yet there are zero images of these women today in the increasingly common language of emojis," said Rob Candelino, the vice president of haircare at Unilever, in a press release. "That felt wrong to us, so we are fixing it and hope by doing so, we will continue inspiring all women to love their curls."

According to Candelino, 73 percent of people claim to use emojis everyday and one in three women in the U.S. have naturally curly hair.

The keyboard features 27 curly hair designs with selectable skin tone and hair color that results in 131 variations, including seven animated gifs, according to AdAge.

Dove found that only 10 percent of women and 40 percent of girls actually like their curly hair.

Dove believes their campaign will help fill the gap in representing girls with curls.

Use the hashtag #LoveYourCurls on Twitter, and a custom Dove Curly Emoji will generate with your tweet.

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