5 Reasons to Read Drew Barrymore's New Memoir "Wildflower"

Drew Barrymore's highly-anticipated new memoir "Wildflower" was released Tuesday.

Unlike so many others in Hollywood, the actress, mother, and entrepreneur grew up in the public eye.

In her intimate memoir, Barrymore chronicles her life from the heartfelt moments to the heartbreaking ones.


"When I was writing and I shut my door, I would let the inspiration flow," Barrymore tells readers. "For some reason I had to write this book. I have become more private every year, and yet these stories were beating on the door of my heart screaming let me out."

Here are 5 reasons "Wildflower" is the ultimate page-turner:

1. Barrymore opens up about the complicated relationship with her father, actor John Barrymore.

2. She gets honest about the emotional moments before her daughters were born to the present, which are universal to parents everywhere. 

3. She offers life lessons that translate to real-life advice, like how she learned that being free is about freeing yourself.

4. She reveals that she was emancipated from her parents at the age of 14, and shares how she had to take ownership of her life.

5. She shares lessons of self-acceptance by revealing how she embraced her "clumsiness," and other perceived flaws.

While Barrymore accounts each intimate detail from her own life, the lessons she has learned from the obstacles she has faced are universal to everyone.

You can purchase your own copy of "Wildflower" here.

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