Meet the Woman Responsible for Booking Stephen Colbert's Trailblazing Guests

It's no surprise that Stephen Colbert knows how to brilliantly interact with his guests on "The Late Night" show.

The show is also beginning to break the mold by featuring some non-celebrity yet high-profile guests who are trailblazers in government, technology and business. Emily Lazer is the person behind booking these game-changing guests.

"Many of the CEOs we’re going after for the show are changing the world, and at a very fast pace," Lazer said to Fast Company. "Our audience is interested in knowing about the people who are harnessing technology to reorder the way we live." 

For instance, Apple CEO Tim Cook has made an appearance on the show.

"How many hundreds of millions of people use Apple products? This is something that's part of everyone's life and it's great to know who’s running the show," Lazer said. "We can pull the curtains back on somebody who is basically creating our technological futures." 

Overall, highlighting guests who are revolutionizing their fields and posses authenticity is what's truly important. She explains that Colbert should talk to a person who can represent their ideas, beliefs and motivations in a persuasive way. 

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Photo Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS via Getty Images