Emma Allen Named Cartoon Editor at The New Yorker

Emma Allen, an editorial staffer at The New Yorker will be replacing Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor who has held his position at The New Yorker for more than two decades, and drawn more than 900 cartoons come April.

"I look forward both to maintaining The New Yorker’s great tradition of humor — founding editor Harold Ross referred to his magazine, in 1925, as 'the comic weekly' — and to finding new ways to highlight our exceptional (and growing) team of cartoonists and comedically inclined writers and performers, in print, on the web, on the radio, and beyond," Allen said.

The 2010 Yale graduate joined The New Yorker in 2012, working as an editor of The Talk of the Town section, and overseeing the humor and satire web section, Daily Shouts.

“I am quite sure that we have only just begun to figure out new ways to explore and exploit digital technologies as a way to distribute cartoons to more and new readers," The New Yorker Editor-in-Chief David Remnick wrote in a staff announcement. "All of this is intended to stake out a healthy future for cartoons at The New Yorker."

Mankoff will not be leaving The New Yorker, but will instead keep working on redesigns of the Cartoon Bank that he founded in 1998. In addition he'll be continuing to digitize the magazine's cartoon archives and will be contributing and editing the collection of its cartoons.

"My greatest gratitude goes to the cartoonists. I know how much easier it is to pick a good cartoon than do one, much less the many thousands they have done and will continue to do," Mankoff said. "And, continue they will, with Emma Allen who now takes over this most iconic of all New Yorker features. I wish her and them the best of luck. And me, too — I've got to find that old cartoon pen of mine."

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