Emma Watson's Book Club Already Has Some Really Impressive Members

By Meredith Lepore

Emma Watson only just announced she was starting a feminist book club last week, called Our Shared Self, and we’re not surprised to hear that it already has over 75,000 members on Goodreads. And you may have heard of some of them, like Sophia Bush, Gloria Steinem, and soccer champ Abby Wambach. In fact, Watson decided that the inaugural book would be Steinem's latest memoir, "My Life on the Road."

Bush also talked about her excitement for the club at the Golden Globes Awards on Sunday night.

"It always excites me when I find like-minded women in this industry who are working to uplift women," Bush told Entertainment Weekly. "And I think, in particular, to see Emma trailbazing — she's so young, and she's so passionate, and that excites me, that there’s other women who are really jazzed about this."

"We all started chatting on Twitter, and you know, I sort of took a moment and thought, 'I'm talking to Emma Watson and my friend Abby Wambach, and we're starting a book club, and this is crazy,'" Bush said. As for how long they have to read the book, Bush wasn't exactly sure, but figured around a month. "A lot of people have already started reading it, and Gloria Steinem's excited, and that's pretty much the craziest sentence that's ever come out of my mouth," Bush said.

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