This Entrepreneur Is Using Indian Craft to Create Beautiful Sari-Silk Carpets

This Entrepreneur Is Using Indian Craft to Create Beautiful Sari-Silk Carpets


Jan 30, 2017

After graduating in 2011 from the Rhode Island School of Design, Ishrat Sahgal had no plans to go about interior design in any ordinary fashion.

Returning to New Delhi after working in New York, Sahgal decided to build a single focus around adding a "narrative flair" to carpets, taking silk yarn from traditional sari weavers in South India to create sari-silk carpets.

"When you buy a carpet, there's this whole stigma attached to it. As if it is an afterthought or something your mom would buy," Sahgal tells Forbes. "They are often drab or expensive or too neutral and it bothers me to recommend something I wouldn't use in my own space."

Seeking to change that, Sahgal founded Mishcat Co.

"I just thought of the carpet as being this unexplored medium that would be interesting to explore," Sahgal tells Forbes. "The whole idea was just to disrupt the thought process."

Textile weaving typically serves as a tradition for men in India with fathers passing the craft to their sons, but the young entrepreneur begun training women to become weavers.

Sahgal now focuses on making the carpet the centerpiece of the room.

"It's about using the floor as the canvas, just as the wall is a canvas for a piece of art," she told Forbes.

Sahgal says that the silk carpets are not fragile and will not tear, but instead will live a lengthy life.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Ishrat Sahgal

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