#EqualPayDay: The Truth About the Gender Pay Gap in the US

It's no secret that women in the United States are paid less than men for equal work, on all levels, and in all industries.

A report released by PayScale Inc finds that the widest pay discrepancy is between married men and women with children.

According to the report, fathers earn an average median salary of $67,900, married mothers earn $46,800, and single women with children earn a median salary of just $38,200.

In their research, PayScale Inc analyzed 1.4 million full-time employees and found that while men's salaries increased until the age of 50 to 55, when they reached a salary of $75,000, women's salaries hit a plateau at the age of 35 to 40 — at about $49,000.

"A big reason for the gender pay gap is that men and women tend to work in different jobs," said Aubrey Bach, a senior editorial manager of PayScale Inc. "Men dominate higher-paying jobs — engineering, construction and mining — and women dominate jobs like teach and social work."

Research shows that reasons for the gender pay gap include that women do not negotiate for salary increases as often and they still find themselves victims of the maternal wall — companies except them to leave for care for children.

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