Everyday MAKERS: Who Inspires You?

Anyone can be a role model, and often, it's the people in our everyday lives who inspire us and shape us like no one else can.

Think of the mum battling a serious condition but not letting it hold her back from trying anything and always showing her daughter a smiling face, or the friend who doesn't let herself crumple when family members are ill, but pushes forward and uses her inner strength to keep going. Or how about the science teacher whose faith in you pushed you to apply for medical school? And the grandmother whose wisdom you rely on to get you through every single obstacle  both the small and large ones.  

Like our more well-known MAKERS, these unsung heroes inspire and touch the lives of others every day - perhaps without even realising it.
We headed to London's Oxford Street to interview women about the Everyday MAKERS and personal heroes in their lives, who give them strength, support and inspiration - check out this video to see what they had to share.

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Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Creative