Everything You Need to Know About the Global Women's March

The Women's March has grown into a massive event set out to peacefully remind the world that women's rights are human rights, once and for all. We say "the world" because the iconic march has grown beyond its original establishment in Washington D.C.

It has evolved in such a way that everyone can have a chance to be a part of it no matter where they are. In that vein, here's everything you need to know about the Women's March and sister marches.


 The Route:

The route has been officially announced for the D.C.-based women's march. Check out the route on The Washington Post.


The main stage will be located on 3rd Street and Independence Avenue by the National Museum of the American Indian.

8am: Activities begin with images along with video on display. 
9pm: Pre-rally includes speakers, music and PSA’s.
10am: Official rally begins, featuring Katy Perry, Cher, America Ferrera and Uzo Aduba.
1pm: Participants march toward The Ellipse.

The Speakers:

There will be an array of speakers, including MAKERS like Gloria Steinem. See the full list here.


What to Wear:

Stand in solidarity with women around the world by wearing these now notable knit hats.

The Gear:

Though women and allies are joining forces, it is still important to take good care of your self all the while. Check out this SELF article laying out all the gear you need to stay healthy, safe, and in the know about all aspects of your march.

The Sisters:

Though over 200,000 women and allies are expected to attend the D.C. march, together, the other 616 sister marches are attracting more than two million. By typing in your postal code, you can find the closest sister march to you — around the whole world.

Be sure to stay tuned during the march for exclusive MAKERS on-the-ground social coverage.

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