5 Successful Millennials Who Are Left-Handed

Happy International #LeftHandersDay! That's right (or should I say left) — for the 10 percent of the population who identify as "lefties," this day is all about you. While no one knows for sure why certain people are left-handed and others aren't, lefties possess many standout career traits that are definitely worth celebrating.

Not only has it been seen that left-handers are better at multi-tasking, thought processing, and 3D perception, but a New York-based study by professor of psychology, Alan Searleman, also found that left-handed people more likely to have an IQ over 140 (considered genius and above) compared to their right-handed counterparts. Additionally, research has shown the link between left-handedness and intellectual creativity, with many left-handed people drawn to more creative occupations such as artists, innovators, and musicians. As Dr Alan Searleman, a professor at St. Lawrence University, presented in his research for the American Psychological Association: "Left-handers have a higher 'fluid' intelligence and better vocabulary than the majority of the population. This is perhaps why there are more of them in creative professions, such as music, art, and writing."

With dozens of world leaders and five out of the last seven United States presidents identifying as left-handed, left-handers are definitely in good company. Check out some of the successful millennials who go by the left side:

1. Lady Gaga: If you asked her why she is left-handed, she would probably reply that she was just "Born This Way."

2. Jennifer Lawrence: We won't see this Hunger Games star holding her bow and arrow in her right hand anytime soon.

3,  Ashley Tisdale: This left-handed High School Musical star has never been one to follow the "status quo."

4. Naya Rivera: In addition to always signing her name with a heart, you will never catch this Glee actresses addressing autographs with her right hand.

5. Mary-Kate Olsen: Just because they are twins doesn't mean they are the same! While her sister Ashley maybe a right-hander, Mary-Kate proudly represents the left.

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