10 Famous Women Dish Out the Truth About Body Image

As the summer days get hotter, paying a visit to the beach is inevitable (because you can't spend the next few months locked away in an air conditioned dungeon). For some, the idea of stepping out into the light of day clad in a bikini sounds like a nightmare. But why is that?

If you want to achieve a "bikini body," all you have to do is put a swimsuit on — plain and simple.

So before you hit the beach in whatever makes you most comfortable, check out what these famous women had to say about body image and self-confidence: 

1. Oprah Winfrey 
"Are you ready to stop colluding with a culture that makes so many of us feel physically inadequate? Say goodbye to your inner critic, and take this pledge to be kinder to yourself and others." 

2. Rebel Wilson
"I don't really care what I look like that much, and I think women out there should just be happy with the way they look. They shouldn't really try to conform to any kind of stereotype. Just be happy and hopefully healthy." 

3. Gabourey Sidibe
"One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body. I got tired of hating myself." 

4. Tyra Banks 
"Girls of all kinds can be beautiful 
 from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between ... People still put beauty into a confining narrow box. Think outside of the box. Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you."

5. Emma Stone 
"You're a human being, you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake."

6. Chelsea Handler
"I can't be skinny all the time. I like to drink and I like to eat. I like burgers and bagels."

7. America Ferrera
"How much time have I wasted on diets and what I look like? Take your time and your talent and figure out what you have to contribute to this world. And get over what the hell your butt looks like in those jeans." 

8. Kate Hudson 
"I'm pretty comfortable with my body. I'm imperfect. The imperfection are there. People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once."

9. Lena Dunham
"I have sort of a Zen body philosophy, I'm sort of like: we're one weight one day, we're one weight another day, and some day our body just doesn't even exist at all! It's just a vessel I've been given to move through this life. I think about my body as a tool to do the stuff I need to do, but not the be all and end all of my existence."

10. Mindy Kaling
"There’s a whole list of things I would probably change about myself. For example, I'm always trying to lose fifteen pounds. But I never need to be skinny. I don't want to be skinny. I’m constantly in a state of self-improvement but I don’t beat myself up over it."

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