Squad Goals: Our Favorite TV Female Friendships of All Time

By Lynsey Eidell

Before the hashtag #SquadGoals even existed, "The Golden Girls" was defining the term — and to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary, here's a look back at some of the most iconic female bonds in television history, from Lucy and Ethel to Abbi and Ilana.

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Mary and Rhoda ("The Mary Tyler Moore Show") | These two not only set the bar for female friendships on TV — they set the bar for women on TV. Single, working Mary and her there-through-anything best friend Rhoda are still one of the greatest examples we have of real lady soulmates some 40 years later. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia ("The Golden Girls)" | If there's one show that wrote the book on friendship, it's "The Golden Girls." Retirement never looked so good, and neither did girlfriends on TV. So to Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, thank you for being our friend. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa ("Saved by the Bell") | High school friendships are especially sacred, especially when scrunchies and crimped hair are involved. This trio from Bayside High proved that a tight-knit group of girlfriends is essential for surviving those teen years (and all the accompanying drama and poor fashion choices). Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory, and Jessi ("The Baby-Sitters Club") | These girls were the reason we tried to start an infinite amount of friend clubs as middle-schoolers, but for some reason, they never worked out as perfectly as the Ann M. Martin creation. Nonetheless, this gang of preteens showed us how to stick by our friends through thick, thin, and babysitting dilemmas. Photo Credit: Netflix

DJ and Kimmy ("Full House") | "Full House" nailed the earliest formula for best friendship: Take one neighbor of the same age and you've got a built-in BFF from grades K through 12 (granted, no one moves away). Such was the case for DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibler, who were always likethis despite obstacles such as smelly feet, forgotten birthdays, and near-husbands named Duane. (Bonus: They're still tight today.) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica ("Friends") | We're certainly not ignoring the male part of this sitcom equation, but let's be real: The female trifecta of Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica has been guiding us through everything from hairdos to dating to babies and beyond since '94. They also can be credited with defining the ultimate girls' night in — wearing wedding dresses at home and drinking light beer on the couch. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Meredith and Christina ("Grey's Anatomy") | If there is one line in all of TV history that perfectly captures how we feel about our bestie, it's this: "You are my person." And if there is one friendship in TV history that has made us feel all the feels for the past decade, it is Meredith and Christina. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ann and Leslie ("Parks and Recreation") | Sweet, beautiful, Ann and Leslie. Your friendship formed over an ugly pit in Lot 48 and blossomed in Pawnee's Parks and Rec department. Thank you for showing us that Galentine's Day should be a national holiday, that ovaries always come before brovaries, and that drunken fights in the Snakehole Lounge (or insert any drinking establishment here) are no match for true BFFs. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Maggie and Emma ("Playing House") | Maggie and Emma's friendship on Playing House is one of the most refreshingly real on TV right now — and that's partly because these two are best friends IRL. Only a real-life bestie would drop everything and move across the world without blinking an eye to help her newly single and very pregnant friend. Photo Credit: USA

Taystee and Poussey ("Orange Is the New Black") | Litchfield is about 98 percent XX chromosomes, but most of the relationships within the cinderblock walls would be best defined with "it's complicated." One duo that's relatively drama-free is Taystee and Poussey — minus, of course, an unrequited crush and the whole Vee situation. (But in prison terms, that's next to nothing.) Photo Credit: Netflix

Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna ("Girls") | Hannah and Co. have stuck by one another through embarrassing YouTube videos, stints in rehab, moves to Iowa, hookups/breakups/makeups, and general mishaps in and around Brooklyn — reaffirming the theory that friends you make it through your twenties with are most likely friends for life. Photo Credit: HBO

Abbi and Ilana ("Broad City") | Nothing against our Girls in Brooklyn, but Abbi and Ilana have nailed what it's really like to be a struggling twentysomething in New York City. (It doesn't get much more "real" than picking up sweaty towels at a SoulCycle rip-off.) They've also perfected the ride-or-die level friendship on TV — because can you really call someone a best friend unless she has helped you deal with a lost-condom-in-your-lady-parts type situation? Photo Credit: Comedy Central