FDNY Gains 5 More Female Firefighters

According to the NY Daily News, in 1982, 41 women were hired by the FDNY through a gender discrimination lawsuit that ushered in New York City's first female firefighters.

Now Elizabeth Parks, Eniola Brown, Amy Delmore, Tyeisha Pugh, and Jennifer Zaino will join nearly 300 probationary firefighters who graduated Wednesday from the department's fire academy — the most amount of women to join the FDNY at one time in decades.

Their promotion brings the FDNY's total number of female firefighters to 58, the department's largest number in history.

"Since I was a little, little girl, I was always dying to be a part of the FDNY... I never thought this could actually happen," Parks told the NY Daily News.

Although the department-wide makeup of FDNY is only 0.5 percent women, the largest percentage of women ever, the percentage is still among the lowest compared to major cities across the country.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images