Gender Pay Gap Reveals Female Bosses are Working for Free

Gender Pay Gap Reveals Female Bosses are Working for Free


Aug 25, 2015

Would you work in a high-powered job for free?

Research shows that female managers earn 22 percent less than male managers and "work for free" for nearly two hours a day, The Guardian reports.

According to a survey of more than 72,000 managers in the U.K., the difference in pay equates to one hour and 40 minutes of unpaid labor per day by women, or 57 working days a year.

According to The Guardian, a survey by the Chartered Management Institute and the pay analysts XPertHR shows that the gender pay gap across management professions is $13,380.

Males earn an average of $61,432 compared $48,087 for female managers.

While women out-number men in entry-level jobs and junior management jobs, the pay gap increases at senior roles in a company.

While men in director roles earned $217,877 on average, their female equivalents took home $194,352, according to The Guardian. The average male bonus was almost twice as high, at $7,692, compared with $3,974 for women.

"An entire generation has now worked its way from [graduation] to retirement since the first equal pay legislation came into effect in 1970, yet the gender pay gap persists," said Mark Crail, content director of XpertHR. "Many employers still prefer not to know just how bad it is in their organization rather than getting to grips with the data and doing something about it."

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Photo Credit: Brigitte Wodicka via Getty Images

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