3 Things the New Female CEO of "Barstool Sports" Could Do To, You Know...

Believe it or not, Barstool Sports has recently appointed a woman as its CEO. And, despite how it sounds, this is not surprising because she is less qualified as a woman, but because of the misogynistic reputation Barstool Sports has gained over the years.

"As a person, I feel that Barstool is funny and incredibly engaging," Erika Nardini, the woman appointed with the title, told Fortune. "As a woman, I’m psyched to take this CEO job, and I’m going to rock it."

Below are a few of the initiatives we think will really help Nardini kill it in her new role:

1. Encourage body positivity
Show men that size is simply a number and it does not determine a person's beauty.

2. Highlight non-physical assets
You might be pleasantly surprised by the number of viewers who are attracted to ambitious women.

3. Increase diversity
Just like size doesn't come in one option, beauty does not come in one color.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images for AWXI