Two Female Filmmakers Are Changing Perceptions of the Middle East

It's not uncommon for the media to be saturated with violence when speaking about the Middle East. This narrative echoes through news outlets around the world when discussing the region's politics.

Our view of its countries are solely based on what we see on the news — a place riddled with turmoil symbolized by, in the words of Fast Company's Ainsley O'Connell, "black flags, bombed-out buildings, [and] shell-shocked refugees."

But, two brilliant female filmmakers, Najat Rizk and Mouna Mounayer are on a mission to reshape this perception, hoping to shed a light on the peace and beauty the Middle Eastern culture has to offer.

"No one is speaking about the architecture, the lifestyle, the differences between one country and the other, one tribe and the other," Najat Rizk, CEO of Firehorse Films, told Fast Company.

And through their documentary, Rizk and Firehorse co-founder Mouna Mounayer hope to change that.

Watch the video below for a glimpse into some of their work:

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Photo Credit: Tibor Bognar via Getty Images