Largest All-Women Scientific Expedition Sets Sail for Antarctica

Largest All-Women Scientific Expedition Sets Sail for Antarctica


Dec 5, 2016

On Friday, the largest female-only team of 76 scientists set sail from Ushuaia, Argentina on a 20-day scientific expedition to Antarctica.

Through the course of the expedition, the women will study and "observe the effect climate change is having on Antarctica first-hand," shattering the glass ceiling holding women back from a career in science.

As part of the Homeward Bound program, nearly one-thousand female scientists will be brought together from around the world over the next decade.

"The most pressing concern for scientists at the moment is climate change. Antarctica is like a canary in the mine," said Dr. Amanda Davies, a geographer and social demographer who will be part of the Antarctic team.

Davies, 35, is also a working mother and hopes that she can show women that they can balance motherhood with a career.

"You don't have to be some kind of robot. You don't have to pretend your kids don't exist."

Though the 2016 expedition has already departed, applications for the next one — planned to depart in 2018 — will open up in January.

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Photo Credit: Paul Souders via Getty Images

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