Congressman Questions the Test Scores of Two Female Rangers

A congressman is investigating the test scores of the first two women who graduated from the Amy's elite Ranger School.

According to People magazine, combat veteran and Ranger graduate Rep. Steven Russell, R-Okla. sent a letter last week to outgoing Army Secretary John McHugh requesting documents revealing the two women's test scores, evaluations, injuries, pre-training and more. 

People reports that the congressman is concerned because "sources at Fort Benning are coming forward to say the Army lied about women in Ranger School, that the women got special treatment and played by different rules."

According to People, Ranger instructors, who were ordered to remain silent, gave Russell specific examples of how the women received special treatment.

The instructors say that the women did not carry the same amount of equipment as the men, and carried less weight than the men.

"... There was no pressure from anyone to lower any standards — the standards remained the same and the Soldiers that graduated with their Ranger tabs on August 21, 2015 in Ranger Class 8-15 accomplished the very same demanding standards of Ranger School as previous classes," the Army's Lt. Col. Garrett wrote in an emailed statement to People

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Photo Credit: Jessica McGowan via Getty Images