5 Disturbing Facts You Need to Know About Femicide


Dec 4, 2015

5 Disturbing Facts You Need to Know About Femicide

Violence against woman is a global problem.

Lately, a form of violence called 'femicide' — a word that combines 'feminine' and 'homicide' — has been the subject of documentaries, protests, and campaigns raising awareness about the issue.

Femicide is classified a form of violence that is specifically a hate crime referring to the killing of women.

Read below for five fast facts about the origins and circumstances of femicide. 

1. The first recorded use of the word was in John Corry's 1801 book, "A Satirical View of London at the Commencement of the Nineteenth Century," to describe "the killing of a woman."

2. There are four recognized forms of femicide: Intimate femicide or intimate partner homicide, committed by a former or current husband or boyfriend; honor-related murders, often used as a weapon of protecting family traditions and reputations; dowry-related femicide; and non-intimate femicide.

More recent forms such as "racist feticide" and "lesbcide" have since begun to emerge.

3. Activist and author Diana H. Russell popularized the word 'femicide' in the 1970s.

4. A 2012 report states that the countries with the highest femicide rates are located in Latin American and the Caribbean region.

5. A WHO multi-country study found that pregnant women may be at an increased risk of intimate partner femicide. The spectrum of pregancy-related femicide incidents range from 1 percent (in Japan) to 28 percent (in Peru).

For more information on femicide, visit the World Health Organization's report here

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