15 Decorations Every College-Bound Feminist Needs In Their Dorm Room

Summer is slowly coming to an end, which of course means that fall semester is creeping around the corner.

If you're already feeling stressed about the thought of all-nighters and research papers, then treat yourself to some retail therapy with our roundup of awesome college decorations. After all, decorating your space should be a reflection of your personality.

So if you're a proud feminist, then it's totally cool to make that statement in a visual and fun way. Plus, it could also serve as a great conversation piece for visitors or curious fellow dorm residents. And the best part is that you don't have to live on campus, or be a college student to happily display these things because feminist flair knows no boundaries. 

Kick off your college school year by checking out these feminist-inspired decorations for your dorm room (or any room) in the gallery above. 

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Photo Credit: Yellow Dog Productions via Getty Images


Start your day off with this sparkly "Broad City" reference. | FunCult, Etsy, $46

For when you're studying until 3 a.m. and need a reminder that you're unbreakable. | RoryandTheBean, Etsy, $19

Tina Fey believes that you can get your paper done on time. | SmurfStories, Etsy, $8

An interesting take on an Audrey Hepburn quote. | GeekSpeakPrints, Etsy, $8

Some uplifting words from Leslie Knope for when you're faced with romantic trouble. | Look Human, $12

Who could resist this supreme print of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? | Look Human, $34

Make a statement with this Gloria Steinem quote. | LuckyBudige, Etsy, $56

This is especially important for when you oversleep and don't have time to care about your leg hair. | helzillustrates, Etsy, $7

Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton mashed up into one glorious needlepoint. | partsandlabor, Etsy, $25

Let this Lena Dunham quote from GIRLS fuel your adventerous nature. | AManicMonday, Etsy, $40

Because this shouldn't be too much to ask for. | MoonriseWhims, Etsy, $12

Shouldn't every space be a cat call-free zone? | MoonriseWhims, Etsy $15

This pillow basically sums everything up. | Look Human, $25

You can't build a multi-billion dollar empire without a few naps. | daynaleecollection, Etsy, $38

The next time someone tries to use "run like a girl" as an insult, just send them a quick snap of your awesome medal display. | RunRilla, Etsy, $35