More Feminist Pirates, Please! Key and Peele "Pirate Chantey" Is Our Newest Anthem

Comedic duo Key & Peele are at it again, this time with what most likely could become the summer’s most epic feminist anthem, ever. In their latest video (embed) “Pirate Chantey”  for Season 5 of their Comedy Central series, a band of progressive pirates including Key & Peele chant lyrics in support of female empowerment and gender equality with lyrics referencing issues of abortion, sexual assault and professional jobs.

But my girl, she was no fool.
She was working her way through school.
So I did support when she chose to abort,
'cause it's her body and therefore her choice. 

The hilarious pair are known for their spot on sketches that satirize relevant social commentary.  Their new work with "Pirate Chantey" adds to the recent surge of comedic work that manages to make issues of humanity and equality supremely entertaining.  

Sing along to the song here.

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