#HowToSpotAFeminist and 5 Other Social Trends You Should Be Following


May 5, 2015

#HowToSpotAFeminist and 5 Other Social Trends You Should Be Following

There's a lot of noise out there on social media. And with all the hashtags circulating, it becomes increasingly harder to determine which campaigns are worth following.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are six social campaigns and movements that you should check out (#HowToSpotAFeminist was a nationwide trend on Twitter!).

1. #HowToSpotAFeminist
This trend is believed to have been spawned by a tweet from Doc Thompson, host of the conservative talk-radio show, "The Morning Blaze," reports Refinery29And although it started in earnest, the movement has gained some traction and started a nationwide conversation about the definition of feminism. 

2. #itwasneveradress
This campaign strives to reimage the iconic women’s restroom sign in a whole new empowering way. MAKERS jumped on this campaign with a redesign idea of our own (go Ruth Bader Ginsburg!).


We decided to join the #itwasneveradress campaign. Learn more by visiting MAKERS.com #MAKERS

A photo posted by MAKERS (@makerswomen) on

3. #everybodysready
This trend was a response to a controversial health supplement advertisement that was criticized for body-shaming. The advertisement featured a female model in a bikini alongside the question, "Are you beach body ready?" As it turns out, #everybodysready.

4. #thisiswhatafeministlookslike
An oldie but goodie, this popular hashtag is still going strong. It's been used for everything pertaining to gender equality issues, and judging by its current momentum, we're guessing this movement isn't slowing down anytime soon.


5. #DespiteBeingAWoman
This hashtag was introduced in June ahead of parliamentary elections, when Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sparked controversy among the country's women after making a lewd joke to a group of female protesters. Turns out, praising a woman and then adding despite her gender at the end of the compliment is one way to instantly start a social media firestorm.

I bet you saw this one coming. Our very own hashtag is our way of keeping the conversation about incredible women going. Go ahead, spread a little inspiration with a single hashtag. #MAKERS

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