Feminist YouTube Stars Who Will Make You Laugh and Help You Learn

The feminist revolution isn’t just happening on the big screen. As YouTube stars are amassing giant fan bases, they’re also gaining more recognition from major networks and media, making them powerful voices for whatever cause they choose to promote.

Thankfully for us, a group of these talented vloggers have turned their talent for comedy and storytelling towards the greater feminist good. From a sex education activist to a vlogger who interviews her boyfriend about feminism, these people are frank, funny, and ready to improve your world(view). Click through the slideshow to meet them.


Every day seems to be a feminist day for Marina, but on Feminist Fridays, she’s especially focused on the f-word. In addition to interviewing her boyfriend on what it’s like to be dating a feminist, she educates viewers with videos like “Celebrity Nudes and Sex Shaming Women” and “What is White/Male Privilege?”

Laci Green runs Sex+, a video series about sexuality. She also recently joined with MTV for a series called Braless. She has 1.2 million subscribers, all of whom tune in to hear Laci’s smart opinion on political, sexual, and social questions ranging from, “Does sexism hurt men?” to “How do lesbians have sex?”

British vlogger Tyrannesoruslexxx makes videos every Tuesday and Friday, combining general commentary on things like obscure Netflix categories and fashion week with serious videos like “What is Consent?” and Human Rights vs. Sochi Olympics.

Akilah, aka Smoothiefreak, conducts tipsy book reviews, beauty videos, and skits like, “How Feminists Watch Commercials,” and “White Party: A Lesson in Cultural Appropriation.” She’s also part of some inspired collaborations like If American Dolls Were Real Girls.

Self-described opinion vlogger Kat Blaque covers racism, privilege, and sexism on her channel. Categories include Transgender FAQ, Racial Commentary, and Pop Culture Criticism. Her latest video is “Checking Your Privilege,” a guide to recognizing privilege and fighting against systems of oppression.